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Neuter/Spay VetClinic services

Fixing your pet reduces health risks and improves behaviour in both cats and dogs, especially when done early. Some people feel that they should allow their pet to have one litter, but good homes are hard to find.

Our veterinary clinic is focussed on the spaying/neutering of cats and dogs. For years we have emphasised the importance of spaying and neutering all companion animals as a way to help control pet overpopulation.

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  • +420 220 515 875
  • +420 724 894 317

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Neuter/Spay VetClinic services


Nebušická ul. 128
Praha 6 - Nebušice
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Contact us:

+420 220 515 875
+420 724 894 317

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Monday to Friday:
Surgery: (11am-5pm)


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Neuter/Spay VetClinic

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