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Family doctor

When compared to the past, the situation in a veterinary medicine has undergone a significant change. New practices, large modern clinics as well as small aid stations are emerging. Dogs, cats and other small animals play an important role in our lives and, therefore, their well-being and health are of great importance to us.

I myself am a veterinary surgeon – breeder. Therefore, I am very often on both sides and perceive also the fear a worried owner goes through when there is something wrong with his/her doggie.

Fortunately, there already are highly specialized clinics whose mission is to solve the most complicated states of health, or Non-Stops covering for night emergency cases.

I alone worked in a smaller clinic in Slovakia and then 8 years in a large clinic in Prague. That is why I am able to compare the pros and cons as well as the contribution for the client, patient, doctor...

I am, however, getting more and more certain that nowadays still more owners are looking for a friendly environment, one vet who knows their doggie since a puppy, with whom they solve situations ranging from simple, banal, joyful to serious and sad ones. Mutual confidence, close relationship, relatively close contact are important here.

Of course, workplaces focused on highly specialized activities are established for different purposes; the contact between a specialist and a patient is often grounded on a one-time and short-term basis.

Based on my experience I found out that approximately 80% of meetings between the client and veterinary surgeon include preventive examinations, minor diseases, slight injuries, planned surgical interventions. All of the above is included in the mission of the so-called „family vet“. His/Her task is also to help a client find bearings in case of a more complicated problem and direct him/her when searching for a specialized workplace.

The task of a „family“ vet is not to solve all problems directly, but to recognize and diagnose them correctly, and help find the ideal therapy.

I personally believe that there is a reason for and sense in such a veterinary practice.

Doctor Milena.


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