The Breed: Samoyed

Samoyeds belong to the family of Nordic sled  dogs, originally found accompanying the nomadic Nenets throughout northern Russia. Samoyeds were really appreciated by the Nenet people because the dogs guarded their herds of reindeer, helped with hunting and were devoted and perseverant companions. It is said that every member of the tribe had a Samoyed, who helped warm and support its owner. Aggressive dogs were removed from the breed without compromise.

This has resulted in a breed of dog that is very kind and completely non-aggressive, which "reflects the happy heart of the Samoyed, which not only smiles, but laughs (Roald Amundsen, Norwegian explorer)."

To learn more about Samoyeds, check out the book Yoshi and us – Life with a Samoyed by Jana Fulierová.
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